This is our story

Take a peek under our mask.

a hand on a laptop for a copywriting agency in Miami

Are you looking for someone to swoop in and save you from the dark world of poorly written, low-converting copy?

You’ve come to the right place.

We are masters of disguise. Our superpower is taking your brand voice and using it to string together the right words to attract your biggest fans. We are serious about our mission as website copywriters and content creators, and we don’t rest until that mission is complete.

Meet Our Superfounder

From the time I learned to hold a pencil, I quickly realized writing was my true calling. (If it’s not yours, don’t worry, we’re here to save the day!)

I founded The Written World in 2018 as a creative outlet while celebrating my five-year anniversary of working full-time in digital and event marketing. My amazing, yet small book of clients made me feel like I was saving their worlds.

Flashforward a few years, and a global pandemic too big for any superhero to fix placed the whole world on pause. That reset was the perfect time to gear up and fly full-speed-ahead with The Written World.

Haley Dagan, Owner of The Written World a copywriting agency in Miami

We’re super storytellers, and we have a lot to share.

We’re giving you a look behind the masks of website copywriting, blog content creation, social media strategy, digital marketing trends, and powerful small business tips in our blog. 

a grey laptop on a desk for a copywriting agency in Miami

Let us take over the plight for amazing content

Now, here we are, helping small business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe shift their visions for the words they use. We have mastered how to hone in on a consistent tone of voice and show-off engaging, purpose-driven copy that converts visitors and followers into clients and customers.

We know you’re already wearing many masks. Let us take over the plight for amazing content, so you can focus on your own core strength – growing your business.

The Written World Testimonial Kristina Kim

“Working with her has been great as she became part of our monthly routine, and I can always count on having all of our calendars perfect and ready to go.”

Check out our superhuman strengths:

Captivate your audience and turn prospects into customers.

Showcase your expertise and build authority.

Build authentic relationships with your followers.

Give your current website copy, blogs, or social media content a refresh.

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