5 Benefits Of Hiring an Agency Copywriter 

As you grow your business in the online world, you’re likely also looking for ways to improve your marketing strategies and authentically present your brand. And while there are several different options to establish yourself, the power of the written word is not to be forgotten. 

Powerful website copy, captivating social media captions, engaging newsletters, or informative blogs are some of the many benefits of hiring a copywriter. 

However, if you’re still wondering, “Why hire a copywriter?” read along to learn about the benefits of copywriting. 

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Copywriter Within An Agency? 

There are countless benefits of hiring a copywriter, but we’d go even further to say that there are more benefits to be had by hiring an agency copywriter! And if you’re unsure of the difference, here’s a quick breakdown.  

With a solo copywriter, you’re working with a freelancer 1:1. In contrast, with an agency copywriter, you’ll have a copywriter assigned to your brand but working under an umbrella of copywriters. This means you won’t necessarily have direct access to them. And while we know the 1:1 aspect can sound appealing; here’s why agency life is more likely to be the perfect fit for your brand. 

Multiple Eyes on Your Copy 

The #1 reason brands go to freelancers over an agency copywriter is that they like the idea of working 1:1. However, what they don’t consider with solo freelancers is that it’s usually all on them to catch their own mistakes. And if they fail to do that, then the benefits of copywriting or any content created within that particular project are gone, leaving business owners with more cleanup work than hours to save.  

And yeah, as you’ve probably guessed, that problem doesn’t happen under an agency (a good one, anyway!) When you’re assigned an agency copywriter, you have one skilled person working on your copy. But you then have multiple other people checking it once it’s submitted to ensure it’s on par with the quality level you expect and deserve. No cleanup jobs; approve and post!  

More Experience 

If you’ve been in the online space for any amount of time, you’ve likely seen countless messages urging service providers to “niche down.” Unfortunately, niching could severely limit a solo copywriter’s ability to learn how to serve you and your audience’s complex needs. For example, if their primary service is with a particular niche, and you decide to broaden your target audience or change your offers, you could find yourself unbalanced in your support.  

However, when you work with an agency copywriter, you’re more likely to be assigned to a copywriter with experience with multiple industries, demographics, and skill sets. This means that they can meet ALL of your needs and growth the changes of your business. And if they aren’t, chances are the agency has a backup copywriter who can fill in the gaps for you!  

Grow Your Business with Add-On Services  

Speaking of leveraging skill sets, another benefit of hiring an agency copywriter is that you can level up your copy (and essentially business) whenever you need to! For example, if you ever want to incorporate SEO into your copy, most agencies offer services like these to help you avoid missing a beat in scaling your business.  

However, as we noted before, many copywriters may not have particular skill sets, which means they keep you from effectively and efficiently scaling your business when ready.  

Take Content Creation off Your Plate 

When you wonder, “Why hire a copywriter,” this should be pretty high on the list. As a business owner, you know how precious your time is, and you see the amount of time content creation takes away from you. But with a copywriter, content creation, if you choose, gets completely removed from your to-do list.  

And here’s the thing, while this is a benefit that both a copywriter and an agency copywriter can bring you, we once again must highlight that an agency copywriter could technically take this a step further! Whereas a solo copywriter is tied to a limited schedule of what their capacity can handle, working with an agency allows you to get as much copy as your heart desires and with much quicker turnaround times because they have more than one person to work on your project if needed.  

Gain an Outside Perspective 

One of the last and most important benefits of hiring a copywriter within an agency is that it allows someone to approach your copy with an outside perspective and give it a breath of fresh air. Because when it’s just you DIYing your copy, or maybe even a solo copywriter you’ve worked with 1:1 for a long time, your copy can get clouded by emotions and opinions.  

But with an agency copywriter, as we said before, multiple eyes consistently and meticulously inspect your copy. So while it’s being checked for quality, it’s also being checked for brand messaging and its ability to effectively connect and communicate with your audience. Trust us, when you find an excellent copywriting agency, they’ll let you know when they feel the disconnect!  

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Copywriter or Copywriting Agency 

At the start of this blog, you were asking yourself, “Should I hire a copywriter?” And now, with blinding clarity, we hope you know the answer is YES. But now it’s time to address the next most important thing: questions to ask when hiring a copywriter.  

Because while we believe that you’ll get the most benefit from an agency copywriter, we don’t think you should sign on with just any agency copywriter. You should be diligent in finding a good agency with good agency copywriters that can grow with your needs and stand up for your brand when it matters most.  

To find a copywriting agency (or copywriter if you still insist), then here are some questions to ask when hiring a copywriter: 

  • How would you add value to my copy?  
  • How involved can I be in the process?  
  • What’s your turnaround time on standard projects? What about rush projects? 
  • What’s your copy creation process like? Who checks my copy?  
  • What skills do you bring to copywriting? Can you provide SEO? 

Of course, add questions unique to your needs, but this is a great starting point if this is your first time outsourcing! 

Perfect Your Written Word 

As you can tell, there are truly tons of benefits of hiring a copywriter (particularly an agency copywriter).  

Doing so can give you multiple eyes on your copy (all for the price of one), you can leverage different skills and services to improve your copy and subsequently scale your business, gain an outside perspective, and so much more.  

Hiring an agency copywriter is your straight-shot route to perfecting the content you put out without increasing your workload. It’s your opportunity to find a balance between running your business and having the space to enjoy it. And we’re sure it’s a decision you’ll never reconsider! 

Ready to hire a copywriter within an agency? Reach out to us to ask all the questions that’ll help you realize to make sure we’re a match made in heaven.  


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