5 Email Copywriting Best Practices

Creating an attention-grabbing and successful email marketing campaign can be challenging in today’s landscape. So, how do you triumph through the sea of emails in your subscribers’ inboxes and make a noticeable splash?

By writing captivating and attention-grabbing email copy.

Follow these 5 email copywriting best practices to ensure a successful email marketing campaign

It starts with the subject line by harnessing its power to get those opens. Once they’re in, you have literally seconds to captivate them with your purpose-driven copywriting. Before that ticking time bomb of moving their cursor straight to the delete button goes off, your email copywriting skills will have already drawn them in to continue to read and maybe even click a link (just in time!)

Feeling conquered by the daunting task of writing the perfect email? We’re here to level up your emails and improve your copywriting skills to market your small business effectively. 

 Now, let’s save your email copy, one email at a time. 

What is email copywriting?

Email copywriting is about driving conversions (any time you see “copy,” that usually means sales are involved.) It covers everything from brand awareness, business metrics, data collection, and sales generation. Email marketing tools can automate your email sequences in your email marketing campaigns, helping you quickly and easily reach your potential customers. 

But just because your email software makes sending emails easy doesn’t mean writing compelling emails is as simple (you can’t automate this step!) Think of copywriting as a superpower—you want to use your power for good to get your audience to open your email AND stay engaged when they get to the main email copy.

Carefully crafting your email copywriting will significantly up your conversion rate. With fewer words to work with, each word counts that much more. Strive to write better email copy to create more effective email marketing campaigns.

Email copywriting best practices 

Here’s the truth: Your email marketing strategy is only as good as your email copywriting. It has to grab the audience’s attention and generate clicks. If you’re struggling to see results in your email sequences, try out a few of our best practices for email copywriting.

These five tips will help you get started!

Start with the subject line and preview text 

 If the subject line is your superhero, the preview text is their trusty sidekick. 

The subject line gets all the glory, but the preview text has the power to reel them in. This is where that extra nudge comes into play on why they should open this email. It’s like your secret weapon just waiting for its moment to shine.

A great subject line and preview text duo will grab your subscribers’ attention and increase your open rates. Keep them concise, between six and ten words and use action words to create a sense of urgency to open (like offer, sale, join, last chance, etc.) 

But that’s only the first step of the email copywriting journey! Next up, focus on your main event—the email content. 

Make your content relevant to your audience

Give your customers the content they signed up for. If your small business is related to the haircare industry, present them with blogs and content that relate to what they subscribed to your email list for. 

You can narrow it down even more by filtering audiences into groups such as specific products they’ve purchased or clicked on in the past. Instead of sending generic mass emails, you can cater to specific subscriber list segments to better reach and target those for higher conversion rates. 

Take the time to explore the metrics to get to know your audience and rework your email copywriting to match the needs of your specific subgroups. More personalization in the copy is key in helping drive sales.

Write in a conversational tone

Make your email copywriting personal for a successful email campaign. 

With an email, you’re showing up on this person’s mobile phone inbox or their personal computer. These forms of communication should be less formal and more conversational like you were writing this email to a friend. 

Instead of addressing the hundreds of people on your list, word your email copywriting as if you’re only talking directly to one person. This person is your friend you want to let in on this sale or a new product you know they’ll love. 

Keep it short and to the point 

If your email looks more like one of your blog posts with lots of scrolling involved, time to cut down that copy!

When people check their email, it’s usually on their lunch break or between daily tasks. Most of us are skimming through our inbox and cleaning it up as much as possible. Emails that are super long with huge blocks of text are usually immediately ignored and deleted.

Make your email copywriting concise, informative, and effective in fewer words. Break up your copy with white space to make it easier to read and digest. Get your point across with shorter sentences and bulleted lists. Keep it simple and straightforward for your subscribers. 

Always include a call-to-action 

Your CTAs will either be your greatest strength or your kryptonite. 

You don’t want to overwhelm your subscriber with too many CTAs with buttons and links all over your email. Keep your email copywriting CTAs short and sweet. Make it clear what you want them to do and how to do it. 

Supercharge your email copywriting 

If you struggle with email copywriting, running a business while writing email marketing campaigns that convert isn’t an easy task. Not only can it be time-consuming but also difficult when you can’t seem to find the right words on the blank screen staring back at you. 

If email copywriting is your archnemesis, The Written World can help! (Not all heroes wear capes 😉 ) We love creating conversion-boosting copy that delivers results – check out our copywriting services and contact us to get started!

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