How to Optimize Your Instagram for Better Discoverability in the Instagram Algorithm

Did you know the Instagram algorithm uses SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t limited to online publications and website content anymore. Instagram has been busy optimizing search features and extracting relevant pages from search engines to cater to its audience’s niche interests.

The not-so-good news: Popular Instagram hashtags aren’t enough to help you reach a bigger audience. Your posts tend to get lost in the noise with those. If you want more eyes on your content (and maybe to land on the explore page!), it’s time to move beyond your overused Instagram hashtags and up your Instagram SEO game. 

The good news: Implementing SEO on your Instagram feed, optimizing your bio, using the right hashtags, and driving more organic traffic to your page will work for every entrepreneur, Instagram influencer, and small business owner. No matter how many followers you have!

 Optimize Your Instagram for better discoverability in the instagram algorithm

Ready to make an appearance on those Instagram explore pages? We’ll cover exactly what you need to skyrocket your results and soar above the competition. 

Tips for Enhancing Your Instagram Algorithm for Greater Visibility

You’re on Instagram because you know it’s a great marketing asset for your brand (the reality is most people are on Instagram, including your target audience!) Everything on your feed, from your Instagram bio link to your caption, plays a crucial role in upping your visibility.

So how can you get more visibility? How can you land on Instagram’s suggested pages? Here are three proven SEO tactics for better discoverability on Instagram. Get ready to supercharge those instas! 

Be Intentional When Choosing Instagram Hashtags

Although you can get discovered beyond just hashtags, using the right hashtags more efficiently optimizes your page. Think of your Instagram hashtags as the target keywords you use when writing your website content. Your optimized hashtags aim to categorize your content and products for Instagram.

That’s why it’s important not just to use popular or Instagram trending hashtags. You have to personalize your hashtags to help the Instagram algorithm categorize your content. And when are your hashtags uniform and relevant? That’s when they’ll have a long-lasting effect on your audience and the algorithm.

That means you’ll want to have one set of primary hashtags that describe your page’s core goals and values but also a few subsets of secondary hashtags relevant to your post and target audience.

Add Relevant Keywords in Your Instagram Bio

Instagram rolled out a discoverability feature that makes optimizing your bio even more critical. Think of it like an elevator speech: It’s your chance to impress your target audience quickly. Even better? You’re putting valuable keywords into the system’s algorithm.

Start with optimizing your account name and the name field section. Your account name is usually the first thing people see, so make sure it showcases your content and business goals. How you customize these fields will differ from account to account and depends on the industry, business name, and target audience. 

Some Instagram accounts don’t have the option to use target keywords in their business name. If that’s you – don’t worry. You can put your keywords in the name field section. Either way, make sure your keywords describe your products and goals, making an appearance in your profile.

Your name field section can be up to 30 characters, and you’ll want to customize these as much as possible! Find keywords that resonate with your audience, speak to your business goals, and highlight your product. Always remember that you’ll want to use keywords your target is actually searching for – that way, they can easily find you! 

Create Purpose-Driven Instagram Captions and Alt Text Copy

Another thing you’ll want to look at to increase your visibility is your captions and image alt text. Sure, clever, one-lined Instagram captions are cute. Still, the algorithm loves informative, engaging captions, so ensure every post is relevant to your audience and customize and optimize them for better discoverability. 

If you’re not a writer, don’t let long captions scare you! Remember that relevant keywords, hashtags, and an informative copy will make you more visible in a hashtag search and a keyword search – and that’s what you’re after.

Make your captions relevant to the image and include keyword-rich alt text. Keep reading to find out what that means and how to add alt text.

What is Image Alt Text on Instagram?

Alt text is another discoverability feature that gives your audience an in-depth image description. You can add personalized alt text to your image before posting by clicking on the Advanced Settings (located at the bottom of the page) and then clicking on the Write Alt Text option.

A good example of alt text uses words that accurately describe the image and target keywords relevant to your business and audience.

Make SEO a Priority for Your Instagram

If you want to get discovered on Instagram, definitely work on your SEO! Start with keyword research and then implement your target keywords everywhere: your Instagram bio, captions, alt text, and hashtags. The Instagram algorithm will love you for it!

Need help with SEO? Let the Written World be your SEO superheroes! Read about how we can help and reach out to us when you’re ready to optimize your Instagram and more. 

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