Copywriters for Websites: Crafting Your Digital Voice

If you’re in the beginning stages of creating (or refreshing) your website, then as a copywriting agency with a team of expert writers, we wouldn’t suggest tackling this task on your own. Read this article to learn more about how copywriters for websites can help you establish your digital voice.

In today’s world, social media platforms love to make it seem as if they’re the go-to place to fall in love with a brand. But most of the time, your ideal client or customer will not even find your social media account until after they’ve seen your website and decided they want more of you.

This means your website needs to pull some heavy weight. Enter your website voice. When beautifully woven with your website copy, your website voice can be the key factor in capturing and holding your audience’s attention. By honing in on your tone and style, you can communicate your brand’s personality and values, showcase your unique identity, and effectively set yourself apart in the digital world.

However, if you’re in the beginning stages of creating (or refreshing) your website, then as a copywriting agency with a team of expert writers, we wouldn’t suggest tackling this task on your own. Copywriting for websites is not just about crafting your digital voice but also about putting strategy behind it. So if you plan on pouring only the best into your website, DIYing it might not be the best choice.

Don’t believe us just yet? Well, we’ve got time. Close that Google Doc, sit back, and read on to learn why using copywriters for websites is often one of the best choices a business can make.

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What Does a Website Copywriter Do?

The process of getting your website up entails many different moving parts. There’s the backend of figuring out hosting, domains, layouts, graphics, and all the other tech stuff, then there’s the challenge of creating the right messaging for your audience.

What does a website copywriter do? Quite literally, we write just about any of the words that will go directly on your page (if you opt for SEO, that may widen our responsibilities). Copywriters for websites ensure that with every mouse scroll, your audience sees your brand’s identity all over the page.

That means we’re helping you make them smile in the bits of copy between the visuals. We’re crafting witty headlines to bring attention to the visuals. We’re getting creative in bringing your website to life through compelling copy and making your audience not want to leave the site.

Website copywriters ensure that the copy on your website can convert the potential customers who land there.

Website Copywriting Package

While every copywriting agency or freelance copywriter works differently, website copywriters typically offer certain everyday services with any website copywriting package. This should include:

●    A detailed list of the pages they’ll be writing copy for

●    Any SEO that will be included if you’ve opted for it

●    The brand messaging and website voice angle they’ll take to appeal to your audience

●    A set number of revisions that will be permitted

The Art of Copywriting for Websites

Now that you know what copywriters for websites do, let’s talk a bit more about how they do it. There’s a reason we don’t recommend that you DIY this! Copywriting is (at the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy) a work of art. And right now, we want to pull back the curtain to show you why.

Defining Your Digital Voice

Your website will be the home base of your brand. All of your other endeavors (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Threads) will expand from here. This is where your audience will fall in love with you. Your website voice must be at its strongest right here because this will be the sounding board for every other digital footprint.

The main objective in copywriting for websites is defining your digital voice, so you’ll often find that the first step any copywriter will take with you is to help you define and refine the unique voice used on your website. Once your audience can see the consistency in your voice and trace it back to its home base, you’ll build a more solid relationship and credibility.

The Copywriter’s Role in Engaging Your Audience

Remember how we mentioned that copywriting for websites wasn’t just about crafting your website voice? Let’s talk about that. While we fully stand in the opinion that your website voice is critical, we also believe strategy is needed. The two are not mutually exclusive.

A great website voice can help you connect with your audience, but without a strategy, you won’t have a way to engage with and convert them. At best, you’ll make a nice friend, but not a customer. When done right, copywriting is supposed to help you do both.

So once a copywriter for websites helps you nail down your website voice, they’ll probably chat with you about crafting content that resonates with and engages your target audience. You’ll discuss your ideal customer’s pain and pleasure points and identify objections so the writer can craft copy in your voice that will help generate and nurture new leads.

Understanding the Website Copywriting Process

Although we’ve covered a good portion of the copywriting process, it’s essential to know that reading about it is one thing, but experiencing it is another. As a copywriting agency that’s worked with many clients and companies across various industries, we’ve found that most businesses never truly sit down to analyze their brand’s identity until it’s time to create copy with a copywriter.

And doing it in the moment can create some bumps in the road. So to help you come prepared and know what to expect, here’s a breakdown of the website copywriting process:

  1. Most copywriters for websites will send you a questionnaire to give them a general idea of your business, offers, and audience.
  2. In the meantime, they’ll probably start researching your current digital footprint to get a clear understanding of how you’re showing up online.
  3. The writer might request a phone call to better dig into the answers you gave and expand upon certain details. They’ll also share any findings of their own.
  4. Once the copywriter has clarity on your voice and audience, together you’ll comb through the direction of each page of copy being created for your website and discuss how to approach it in terms of strategy and website voice.
  5. After the call, your copywriter will outline each page to reflect the strategy and direction discussed, including call-to-action placements and SEO use if requested.
  6. Your copywriter will get to work!

Again, while these steps may sound like a breeze, be prepared to learn things about your business that you didn’t know before. You’ll likely discover breaks in your voice across your digital footprint and have fun as you and your copywriter figure out how to bridge or repair the gaps.

Every part of the website copywriting process is meant to help you better understand your brand so that you can more effectively speak and connect with your audience, so don’t be afraid to really dive into it!

Elevating Your Digital Identity with Website Copywriters

Building a website for your business is a huge milestone and should be treated as such! Your website should not only have beautiful visuals, but it should also have an engaging website voice and a solid strategy that brings it to life. And that’s what using copywriters for websites can do for you.

Copywriters can help you identify, define, and refine a voice so strong that your audience can hear it clear as a bell amidst all the other noise in the online space. They can teach you how to implement this website voice across all of your digital platforms so that you can truly engage and convert your audience. They can help you use your brand’s unique identity and voice to push your business further than you ever thought possible.

So even though we’ve come to the end of our #tedtalk, we’ll be honest — we think you should keep that Google Doc closed and divert your energy elsewhere. Find yourself a professional website copywriter that can elevate your digital identity by bolstering your voice.

We know it may seem like an extra expense, but when you see the reaction from your new leads, you’ll understand why it’s more of a strategic investment than a simple cost.

Ready to take the next step in enhancing your online presence? Refine your website voice by joining forces with our copywriters for websites here at The Written World.

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