How Storytelling Influences Compelling Copy 

There’s a certain magic that lies in the realm of copywriting and storytelling. Perhaps it’s because we’ve used storytelling as a form of communication since the beginning of time! It’s human nature to want to use the power of words to convey a message. Storytelling is a crucial part of creating relatability and emotion while influencing your readers to take action.  

Here’s how storytelling influences compelling copy.  

Why Is Storytelling in Copywriting Important? 

It’s the story your reader needs to hear in order to take action. A good story builds a connection with your reader by making them feel like it was written for them. (Hire a copywriting superhero to help you achieve exactly that!)  

How are you helping your reader connect the dots from beginning to end? Do your words resonate? Is there an emotional appeal? Does it leave them wanting more? These are all questions to consider when it comes to storytelling in copywriting.  

Once your reader is hooked, they’ll always remember the words that brought them to that pivotal moment. This instantly creates the demand for more. Your brand narrative creates a voice that becomes one your readers will continue to crave to hear!  

Here are some storytelling writing techniques that influence your ability to craft compelling copy:  

Create a skeleton  

A story is nothing without a body to live in! The same rings true when it comes to copywriting. Without a story or journey to follow, your readers might be left feeling confused and unfulfilled.  

Make a personal connection 

The reason why storytelling is important is that it creates a connection between you and your reader that encourages them to keep reading while feeling heard. It sounds simple but it makes a huge impact! Creating depth, understanding motives, and connecting in a relatable way will create trust within your reader that will then motivate them to act.  

By putting yourself in the shoes of your reader, you’ll be able to determine the following: 

  • Is your copy relatable?  
  • Does your copy speak to your target audience?  
  • Does your copy give your reader a reason to keep reading?  
  • Does your copy leave your reader feeling heard and understood?  

Establish who is communicating to your reader 

Make the point-of-view clear to your reader. This directly influences how the story is told and how your reader accurately absorbs the story! This technique will help your story determine what kind of emotional relatability your reader will experience.  

Set the scene 

Sure, you’re not exactly providing the whole wine and dine experience to your readers, but when it comes to storytelling in copywriting, determining exactly where your reader is on their journey will motivate how they take action.  

Choose your words thoughtfully  

On a more technical level, the way you choose and craft your words will impact your copywriting and storytelling as a whole. Ideally, you want your words to flow in a way that feels natural and authentic to your reader. Hone in on your tone of voice and stay consistent with it.  

Is There a Difference Between Copywriting and Storytelling? 

While copywriting is used to convert, storytelling is used to captivate and influence, and when you combine the two to create compelling copy – the results are powerful.  

While there IS a difference between copywriting and storytelling, you can’t have one without the other. Creating emotion and depth will leave an irresistible impression on your readers that will inspire them to want more. Stories create an experience for your readers that allows them to tap into the imaginative part of their minds. By painting a picture with words, you welcome them into your copy in a way that also makes them feel at home!  

Share Your Message Through The Dynamic Duo of Copywriting and Storytelling With The Written World 

Hiring the right copywriter will help you bring your words to life in the ways that matter most to you and your audience! A trusted expert will show your ideal customers or clients that their pain points are a problem worth solving by writing a story worth reading.  

Our website copywriting and blog writing services are perfect for anyone who doesn’t have the expertise or time (or patience!) to tell the story themselves. Connect with us today to learn more! 


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