10 Business Blogging Tips to Fit into Your Busy Schedule

As a business owner, it can be hard to find time in the day to have lunch let alone work on your website’s blog. Between picking the kids up from school and trying to finish all your tasks for work—it can be overwhelming to get it all done! Having a blog for your business is essential, so this isn’t something that should just be put on hold.  

For business owners that know why blogging is important for business but are struggling with how to write a blog for a business without enough time in the day—we’re here to help! We’ve got time-saving and effective business blogging tips you can start putting into practice right away.  

Best Blogging Tips for Business Owners


If you’re looking for successful blogging tips, you’re in luck—blogging is one of our specialties! The best blogging tips will help you stay on track, be productive and come up with fresh content for your audience. It’s important to keep consistently posting and not let your blog end up at the bottom of your priority list. 

Use these business blogging tips to make your life easier:  

Research Before You Start Writing 

Choose the topic you want to write about and do the research prior to writing. This way, when you sit down to start blogging, you can just write. Instead of looking up information as you go along, have it ready to go.  

Utilize Time Blocking in Your Schedule 

If you can’t seem to find time in your day to work on your blog, add it to your schedule! Look for a moment in between other priorities, whatever the time frame is, as long as you get a start on it. This helps to visually see it on your calendar and dedicate that time to blogging.  

Don’t Edit Your Work as You Write 

Just let the words flow! If you keep stopping to fix the spelling of a word or add in a comma, you’ll get off track. Try to get out writing the bulk of your post first. Then you can go back, edit and format your blog. This will help you get your writing done quickly and more efficiently!  

Make a List of Business Blogging Examples 

How much of your time is wasted staring at a blank screen, not knowing what to write about for your next blog (don’t worry, it happens to ALL of us!) Keep a running list of business blogging examples with blog post ideas in your industry to help spark your creativity when writer’s block strikes.  

Track How Long It Takes to Write 

When you don’t know how long a task actually takes, it’ll be challenging to make time for it in your day. Next time you sit down to write a blog, track your time. This will help you set realistic expectations for getting your blogs done. 

Stop Being a Perfectionist 

When you have a blog to finish, know that it doesn’t have to be 100% perfect in every aspect. It’s much better to have a finished blog than not finishing one at all. You can always go back and update posts, so even if it’s not totally perfect, chances are it’s completely fine as is! 

Get Rid of Distractions Around You 

Distractions will kill your productivity, especially for those of you who are working from your home office. Put your phone on silent while you start on a blog post. Let those around you know you need that specific time distraction-free.   

Update Existing Content on Your Blog 

Don’t have time to write a new blog? Update older ones with new information and images. Go through an old post and look for another angle or see what you can tweak to give it new life. It’s always a good idea to keep older blog posts fresh and relevant! 

Take Breaks While Writing 

When you spend a prolonged time on a task without any breaks, it’s easy to start to lose focus. Notice when you need a break, even if it’s just to stand up and stretch or go for a 10-minute walk. Whatever works best for you to, refresh your mind and get back into it. 

Avoid Multitasking While Writing  

No, multitasking is not an effective way to get more work done—it can actually make you less productive. If you’re trying to do two things at once, it can make it impossible to finish one task in time. Focus only on your blog writing to complete this task much faster.  

Successful Blogging Tips for Your Business 

With these time-saving business blogging tips, you’ll be able to incorporate blogging into your marketing strategy. It’s crucial to understand why blogging is important for business—each SEO-friendly blog with purpose-driven copy will help boost your organic website traffic and build your expertise. When you incorporate the best blogging tips into your routine, you’ll be able to blog for your business effectively.   

If you’ve exhausted your options and STILL can’t seem to find the time to blog, there’s another answer for you—outsourcing! Having a regular blog posting schedule will bring in revenue for your business, so why not hire someone to blog for you? Not only will you save valuable time, but you’ll have experts at your corner writing quality content based on your unique brand voice and vision.  

Our team of blog-writing superheroes at The Written World will empower your website with quality content. It’s not a matter of just sending you content. We implement a research-backed content strategy tailored to your target audience. Learn more about our blog writing services so you have one less thing to think about for your business! 


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