Utilizing a Website Audit Service To Refine Your SEO

Are you looking to take your company website to the next level? Let’s examine the advantages of hiring an outside agency to conduct a website audit.

A user-friendly and effective website is the unsung hero for many companies. Although traditional marketing tactics remain a crucial part of any content strategy, expansion into the digital world opens the door to endless opportunities.

A well-designed and thoroughly researched website can set a company up for short- and long-term success, from enhancing brand awareness and encouraging engagement to generating conversions and increasing profitability.

But what’s the difference between a website that adds value and one that fails to meet specific objectives? How can companies ensure their efforts produce measurable results that improve their bottom line? SEO, SEO, SEO! Companies must base their website on SEO-optimized content like blog posts and landing pages.

Determining the success of a company’s SEO strategy can be challenging. If they’re new to SEO or don’t have the time to monitor performance, how can they establish whether the content they’re generating yields the desired results?

A website audit service can answer all of these questions! After all, agencies that offer this service specialize in identifying and correcting SEO and website performance issues.

Are you looking to take your company website to the next level? Let’s examine the advantages of hiring an outside agency to conduct a website audit.

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Identifying Weaknesses with a Website Audit Service

Results from website changes or additions don’t come overnight — especially with relatively new sites. It takes ample time to see trends or correlations between published content and user engagement.

Taking the “wait and see” approach is expected during the initial stages. However, if the website still lacks traction over a significant period, it’s time to proactively invest in a website audit.

A website audit is an extensive look at a company’s website to determine areas that are underperforming and require maintenance. It analyzes the use of SEO and pinpoints other areas of weakness plus areas of strength (making changes to a website without conducting an audit can be detrimental).

Administering a website health check can yield valuable insight into a website’s performance. A website audit service provides:

  • Website copy audits to evaluate brand messaging, tone of voice, and style choices
  • Technical SEO consultants who map out ways to boost search engine rankings
  • On-page SEO services that optimize website copy to drive organic traffic
  • Competitor analysis to determine areas of untapped potential

Companies want to attract their target audience; however, if SEO initiatives aren’t correctly put in place, they may lose out on potential conversions. Without proper SEO-optimized website copy, search engines might not index the website, reducing online visibility.

On the other hand, using irrelevant keywords can attract the wrong audience, leading to higher bounce rates. Website audit services can improve a company’s website copy before it significantly hinders its success.  

Enhancing Website Copy and User Experience

Website content should be relevant and captivating. It should answer user search queries while engaging with readers in a way that leaves them wanting more. For example, effective website copywriting leads readers to purchase products or services, download freebies, or sign up for monthly newsletters.

Without SEO, many readers might not land on the company’s website to begin with — without viewers, it doesn’t matter how valuable your content is, as it won’t perform!

Investing in a website audit service is the perfect opportunity for a company to evaluate its content and how readers interact with it. Not only can these services analyze a company’s use of keywords, but they can also determine the type of users the website is attracting.

What are users searching for on their website? Where are they spending the most time? If the website brings in users that don’t align with the company’s target audience or objective, they can alter their content accordingly.

Monitoring Technical and On-Page SEO

A misconception is that SEO pertains solely to user-facing elements of a website, such as written content. Although on-page SEO is integral to the overall content strategy, it’s not the only contributing factor — technical SEO is part of the mix.

Technical SEO refers to the behind-the-scenes aspects of a website. It encompasses website structure, search engine crawlability and indexing, website speed, and mobile capabilities.  

If website download times are too slow, or users aren’t able to view information from their phone, they’re less likely to interact with the website. A Website audit service provides companies with a technical SEO consultant who closely monitors these fields and provides suggestions when needed.

Because both types of SEO center around keyword research, some website copywriting agencies offer on-page and technical SEO services to ensure optimal performance from all angles.

The Strategic Impact of Regular Website Audits

Why wait until there’s an issue to seek help? More importantly, how do you know you’ll be able to identify a problem should one arise? Regularly conducting a website copy audit provides peace of mind in knowing your website is constantly running at peak performance.

A website audit service can conduct competitor analysis to ensure your strategy is up to par with industry standards, utilizing appropriate keywords, and generating content that addresses changing search queries and trends.

Companies have many moving parts. For some, frequently conducting a website health check might not be at the top of the to-do list, but this doesn’t diminish its importance in the overall marketing strategy. Long-term success relies on adapting to change and fixing what’s no longer advantageous. Website audits can do just that!

Leave Your Website Copy Audit to The Written World

Creating a website is a great first step, but successful websites require frequent audits to help improve your website copy and ensure you use SEO best practices to your advantage. But this can be challenging. That’s why investing in a website audit service is the perfect solution!

The Written World is skilled at creating website copy that captivates and converts, as well as performing website audits to help you level up your site. We understand that the world of SEO is ever-changing, and it’s more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve. Learn more about our website copywriting and audit services and see how we can help you build momentum for your digital content strategy. 


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