7 Content Creation Apps You Need to Drive Better Performance

You want to make the best first impression with your content marketing, right? Start here with our list of content creation apps ahead!

If you’re a business owner or use social media as part of your job, content creation apps step in as your trusty sidekicks! Whether you’re promoting your business or posting for yourself or clients, the best content creation apps are the ones that make your life easier. They should save you time and frustration without having to become a pro photo or video editor overnight.

The best apps for content creation are designed with beginners in mind who want to create high-quality content for their audience. These apps help you create a unique brand identity with visuals and text that speak to those you’re trying to reach.

You want to make the best first impression with your content marketing, right? Start here with our list of content creation apps ahead!

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The Best Apps for Content Creation

In your search for content creation apps, you’ll likely come across tons of options. If you’ve never used any of them before, it can be pretty overwhelming! Where do I start if I don’t have much experience editing photos and videos?

What are the best free content creation apps? Which app will work best for my brand? Don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you, and we know you’ll love these apps!

Make sure to add these content creation apps to your list of must-downloads:


For all things graphics, Canva is the ultimate tool for content creators! Many swear by this as the best app for content creation for getting those graphics just right. From social templates to video thumbnails and website designs, you can find a little bit of everything here.

If you’re looking for free content creation apps, this one has a great free version that gives you a lot to work with. There’s also a pro version and one for teams to add that creative collaboration.


Not that tech savvy? InShot makes things less complicated as one of the best content creation apps for video editing. Use this app for easy editing when you trim videos, remove sections of clips, split videos, combine clips, and adjust video speed. You can also add filters and effects that give your videos the aesthetic you’re aiming for.

There’s an option to add stickers and overlay text to your videos so you can get creative with your brand vision. The free version has all of the basic editing you’ll need, but there’s a pro version available with more advanced features.


Calling all writers and wordsmiths! Grammarly will be your new best friend (trust us on this one!). Whether you’re writing a caption for your social posts, website copy for your landing pages, a newsletter, or your latest blog post, run your words by Grammarly before publishing.

The best part is you can integrate Grammarly into all of your programs like Word or Google Docs as well as right on your phone with their free app. The free version works really well for general proofreading, but take it a step further for tone and brand voice with premium.


Part video editor and part graphic design powerhouse, CapCut makes it easy for content creators to edit videos for platforms like YouTube and TikTok. The mobile app has easy-to-use templates, video/photo effects, and transitions for your clips.

When it comes to content creation apps, it’s all about functionality and convenience, and this one has all of that and more. You can stick with the free version for beginners, but if you want to get more advanced, a pro version subscription is also available.

Adobe Express

When talking about the best apps for content creation, Adobe Express has to make the list! For all of your graphic design needs, this app delivers. You can quickly and easily make social graphics with built-in templates that are ready to go. Add stickers and text to your photos to create custom posts that capture your brand identity.

This app is free to download and use, so you can create content without tapping into your budget. But if you want to unlock additional templates, fonts, royalty-free images, effects, and more, the premium membership will provide you with everything you need.


Brought to you by the creators of Shutterstock, PicMonkey boasts a wide range of graphics, photos, and templates for all of your content creation needs. The mobile app offers quick photo and video editing, stickers, text, and effects.

They have all of the social media image and video sizing templates built into the app, depending on which platform you plan to post to. The app is free, but for the majority of the features, you’ll want to choose the paid version. 

GoDaddy Studio

As one of the best apps for content creation, GoDaddy Studio lets you create your content on the go with their app. You can use this app for photo/video editing, free stock photos, creating link in bio one-page sites, and logos with their templates.

Create professional and impressive-looking social media posts, stories, and reels with templates and tools at your fingertips. The free version provides the standard templates, basic fonts, and graphics. Opt for the paid version to access the full collection of their templates, images, and features.

Use the Best Content Creation Apps for Your Brand

Now, we know you won’t need ALL of these content creation apps, but it helps to try out a few different ones to see which you like best. Each one has its own features, tools, and templates that you can tap into. They also will have their own functionality and interfaces, which you might prefer over other apps. The only way to find out is to give them a try! See what works best for you and your brand needs.

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